B1208 Code: Meaning, Causes, and Symptoms | OBD2 Codes

B1208 – Anti-Theft Indicator Circuit Short


B1208 Possible Symptoms


Engine Light ON (or Service Engine Soon Warning Light)


B1208 Possible Causes


Faulty VTA Security Indicator,VTA Security Indicator harness is open or shorted,VTA Security Indicator circuit poor electrical connection,Faulty Instrument Cluster (IC),Faulty Body Control Module (BCM)


B1208 Description


When the enable conditions are correct, the Body Control Module (BCM) provides a voltage output to the Security Indicator lamp located in the Instrument Cluster. The BCM sets the OBDII code when it detects a voltage below 0.30 of a volt for the period of less than one second on the VTA Security Indicator circuit.