B1342 Code: Meaning, Causes, and Symptoms | OBD2 Codes

B1342 – ECU Is Defective


B1342 Possible Symptoms


Engine Light ON (or Service Engine Soon Warning Light)


B1342 Possible Causes


The B1342 code means that the Electronic Control Unit (ECU) has failed, usually the code is combine with other issues or codes. Repair other problems before replacing the ECU


B1342 Description


When a repetitive fault causing a circuit overload is detected on certain output circuits, the Smart Junction Box (SJB) disables the circuit by removing voltage, or ground, to the affected circuit. The circuit remains disabled until the fault is corrected and an on-demand self-test is run. When the on-demand self-test has been run after all faults have been corrected, any Diagnostic Trouble Code (DTC) related to the fault are cleared.