B1419 Code: Meaning, Causes, and Symptoms | OBD2 Codes

B1419 – Driver Side Restraints Sensor 2


B1419 Possible Symptoms


Air Bag Warning Light ON


B1419 Possible Causes


Faulty Driver Side Restraints Sensor 2,Driver Side Restraints Sensor 2 harness is open or shorted,Driver Side Restraints Sensor 2 circuit poor electrical connection,Faulty Restraint Control Module (RCM)


B1419 Description


The Restraint Control Module (RCM) monitors the driver front door and RH C-pillar side impact sensors and circuits for the following faults: Open circuit, Short to voltage, Short to ground, Faulted driver front door side impact sensor, Faulted RH C-pillar side impact sensor. If a fault is detected, the RCM stores DTC B1419 in memory and sends a message to the Instrument Panel Cluster (IPC) to illuminate the airbag warning indicator. The RCM communicates with each impact sensor. If the RCM is unable to communicate with the sensor, a Diagnostic Trouble Code (DTC) is stored in memory. A Continuous Memory Diagnostic Trouble Code (CMDTC) no operation can be set by a short to voltage on the return circuit of the impact sensor.