P0384 Code: Meaning, Causes, and Symptoms | OBD2 Codes

P0384 – Glow Plug Control Module Circuit High


P0384: DIY Repairing Video Tutorial


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P0384 Possible Symptoms

  Engine Light ON (or Service Engine Soon Warning Light),The engine may be harder to start  

P0384 Possible Causes

  Faulty Glow Plug Control Module,Glow Plug Control Module harness is open or shorted,Glow Plug Control Module circuit poor electrical connection  

P0384 Description

  The glow plug system is used to assist in providing the heat required to begin combustion during cold engine temperatures. The glow plugs are heated before and during cranking, as well as initial engine operation. The engine control module (ECM) controls the glow plug ON times by monitoring coolant temperature and glow plug voltage. The California Glow Plug system has eight individual glow plug supply circuits between the controller and the glow plugs. If the feedback voltage from the controller to the ECM is not within range, DTC P0380 will set.